Greg Brandt, Luthier, by Fred Rubin, reprint courtesty of Sun Community Newspapers

The Guild of American Luthiers: A Triumph of Sharing, by Norman L. Beberman

The Heretic's Guide To Alternative Tonewoods, by John Calkin

Koa: Beautiful Looking, Beautiful Sounding Tonewood by Norman L. Beberman

Business Spotlight: Strings of Axe-Grinding Desire, by Alicia Robinson, LA Times-Daily Pilot

Luthier & Inlay Artist Interview: Harvey Leach - "On a Canvas of Wood & Steel", by Norman L. Beberman

Plek: The Machine That Keeps it Original, by Preston L. Gratiot

Sounds Subjective/Subjective Sounds, by Norman L. Beberman

Fret-Tech Goes High-Tech, by Norman L. Beberman

Some Thoughts on the Differences Between Handmade and Factory-Made Guitars , by Ervin Somogyi

Mindful Movements: The Musicians Body, by Karen T. Hogg

The Relationshiop Between Pitch & Tempo, by Bruce Sexauer

Luthier Profile: Paul McGill, by John Schroeter

A Jazzy First-Place Finish at the Canberra School of Music, by Michael Foster

The Beauty of Dissonance In Music, by Mark Hanson

Warm-Up & Warm Down, by Julie Lyonn Lieberman

Wood Worker: Profile of Luthier Randy Wood, by Norman L. Beberman


New Feature: Short Stories

"Strings of the Heart", by Norman L. Beberman


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