CD Review - "Borderline Normal", James Filkins. Review by Norman L. Beberman, staff writer

Acknowledging my debt to Mojo Nixon & his song "Elvis Is Everywhere", I have come to the conclusion that while Elvis may not be everywhere, talent & talented people are everywhere. Specifically, there is one VERY talented guitarist in Traverse City, MI; his name is James Filkins.

Devoted to his passion of alternative tunings, James' debut CD is song-after-song of stunningly beautiful guitar playing. Breathtakingly elegant & sensitive are just two adjectives that come to mind to describe all 14 songs. It is one of those all too rare CD's where the next track seems even better than the preceding one; such is the case with "Borderline Normal".

14 tracks of excellent, thoughtful & beautiful guitar playing. This is, without a doubt, the best acoustic guitar CD that I have heard in along time. Superlative in every way!

James has at least one new fan in me; his guitar playing deserves many more.


James has graciously allowed me to make an mp3 of his work available, so I chose Track 1, "Round Lake Leelanau (A Biking Tune)". Click here & enjoy!

Artist Info: James Filkins, 436 E.Oak Ridge Dr., Traverse City, MI 49684