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Corky Carroll, "Visions of Paradise",Huntington Beach, CA- review by Ron Cabrera, Red Hot Guitar Works

For those of you whomay not know, Corky Carroll is the person without whom there wouldbe no professional surfing. A 5-time US surfing champion, Corkywas the first professional surfer in the world. This talentedsurfer & Huntington Beach (i.e, Surf City) legend is alsoa talented & world-class musician.

When I popped Corky'sCD into my player, my first thought was "I wonder if thiswill sound like surf music?" Well, you know doessound like surf music & even better, this CD is a lot of fun!I believe there are many reasons to make a CD & the most importantone is to entertain. That is what I like SO much about this CD...itis extremely entertaining!

"Visions of Paradise"opens with "The Gate", a good-vibe, laid-back tune withnice, clear acoustic guitar. "Let's Run Away to Paradise"is a somber tune with a dark rhythm to it. "Curse of theChumash" is an instrumental, featuring some funky electricviolins with heavy reverb effects. Corky's rendition of JacksonBrowne's "Jamaica" is very mellow & smooth (justlike Corky's surfing!)- a real "feel-good" tune if thereever was one. "Under" shows off some classic 60's influences.The CD ends with the nicely done "Montana".

Corky's CD "Visionsof Paradise" is like a great day of surfing- very fun &very entertaining. Great crusin' music. Kudos to Corky & hisband...well done!


Rating: Excellent

Scale:    Fair


            Very Good