May 15, 2002

"GOBI", GOBI, Dublin, Ireland

GOBI is not only thename of a desert in China, it is also the name of a GREAT bandfrom Dublin, Ireland. Imagine a voice more beautiful, more powerful& at the same time more delicate than Nathalie Merchant's(10,000 Maniacs); then imagine guitar-work reminiscent of, &superior to, the Pixies' Frank Black & Joey Santiago. Takethe above two ingredients & wrap them up in exquisite &tasteful, but not overpowering, bass-playing & drumming. Withthat background, it is my pleasure to introduce GOBI.

GOBI is: KathleenFkeming, vocals; Fran Whelan & Gavin Pullen, guitars; KieronO'Reilly, bass; and, Ray Grange, drums. Their 4 song EP is, withouta doubt, one of the best things I have heard lately. "TheLast Laugh" asks the eternal question "why" ina tone that is at the same time serious & lightheated; "Singerman"expresses a desire to grow up to be a cartoon character of thesame name; "Pretend" goes into the need to escape &get away some time, not unlike a child's game of make-believe;"Pure" is a poignant song about the search for innocense& purity, acceptance & understanding.

I have 2 words forthis EP- "GO BUY" GOBI! You won't be disappointed!!!

Here is a track fromthe EP called "TheLast Laugh". Enjoy!


Rating: Excellent

Scale::    Fair


            Very Good