CD Review

Michael Hewett, "Beingin Dreaming", DharmaMoon Records, NYC

Pack your bags& grab a snack. MichaelHewett's CD, "Being in Dreaming", will take you on ajourney to a higher level of consciousness- a place where themind & body are one; a place where thoughts become music;a place where the instrument becomes one with the musician.

Michael's playingis exciting, fresh & unique. Its' depth & spiritualityare a testament to his great personal & musical integrity.Full of love & thought, the world needs to hear Michael'smusic.

The proof of anythingis "in the pudding" as the expression goes. We are pleasedto be able to offer a few samples so that you may get a tasteof Michael's music. MP3's courtesy of Michael Hewett & DharmaMoon Records.

Nagual; TheEver Widening Circle; ICover the Abyss With a Trance

Rating: Excellent

Scale:    Fair


            Very Good