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Gilbert Isbin, "GilbertIsbin Plays Nick Drake", Trauge-TropenRecords 008, Bonn, Germany


The world is clearly a better place becauseof Belgian jazz guitarist Gilbert Isbin. Gilbert has recentlyreleased a CD interpreting the works of Englishman Nick Drake& it is GREAT! Nick Drake remains all but unkown outside ofa very small core of devoted fans & converts. He was a veryimportant & revolutionary guitarist & songwriter duringhis brief Life. The space allowable for this review is unableto do justice to him, so I would urge you to "Google"him & learn more about this intriguing figure.

Gilbert's brilliant instrumental interpretationsbring together a level of technical virtuosity with creative,inspiring & passionate playing that is absolutely stunning.This CD flows like fine wine being poured into an exquisitelyshaped crystal glass, &, that is a perfect way to spend alittle time enjoying this CD.


Rating: Excellent

Scale:    Fair


            Very Good