CD Review - "JD Sings 'Anytime' and Other Favorites" Featuring JD Roberts & The Quark Hill Band

Calling all country music fans...calling all country music fans. Do you like your guitars twangy, with a touch of pedal-steel and mandolin, mixed with soulful vocals and everything else that is traditional country music? If so, have I got a CD for you!

Warning: This CD contains pure, authentic country music. Those who like modern, slick, over-produced, cross-over country music need not apply!

"JD Sings 'Anytime' and Other Favorites" is the debut recording by JD Roberts and the Quark Hill Band. 67 year old JD gives new meaning to the expression that the best things in life are worth waiting for.

JD is well-known in Southern California and Nashville as the founder of the Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists, an organization that has its' roots in the Chet Atkins style of guitar-playing. In his first recording, JD has assembled a crack band of country music purists to deliver an assortment of country music classics with a refershingly fresh sound. Songs on the 13-song CD include the Eddy Arnold favorite "Anytime", Jimmy Works "Makin' Believe", the Hank Williams lesson in flirting "Hey, Good Lookin'", "Three Days" recorded by Willie Nelson & Faron Young, "Don't Worry ('Bout Me) written by Marty Robbins. I mention these songs to give you an idea of what JD's CD is about.

Saying that JD more than does justice to these country music greats would be the height of understatement! Taking these songs and making them his own, JD takes listeners through a personal tour of what made country music of the 40's, 50's and 60's so great. It was about great musicianship, lyrics that the everyday workingman could relate to, all sung with a voice that told the tale of woe as it descended from its roots in Appalachia.

In these days of corporate controlled country cross-over music productions, JD deserves a ton of credit for its purity. Far from being a robotic-replay of country music "best of's", this is a CD for those that long for the days of real, bare-bones, minimally-produced country music. Made by a real country music fan for real country music fans - I can't think of a higher compliment!

Let's hope that JD doesn't wait another 67 years to get into the studio.

CD is $9.95 and available through or contact JD directly at for an autographed copy!