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Buster B. Jones, "Just Us", PazgunyakMusic, US


Buster B. Jones is a musicalgenius! For those of youwho haven't heard him play, Buster is one of the most dynamicand versatile guitarists on Earth. His mastery of the guitar isbrilliantly demonstrated on "Just Us". With a fluencyof styles that is spell-binding, this CD must be heard to be believed.Try to imagaine one artist that could paint cubist, realist, impressionist,abstract and a few other styles, and you have the essence of BusterB. Jones. His ability to write touching songs is shown on thetwo non-instrumental tunes, "Last Request" and"Like Dad".

This CD is a guitar-lover'sdream and clearly establishes Buster as a "guitarists' guitarist".This CD is worth spending money on and is going in my collection.Move over "Chester and Lester", and, make room- BusterB. Jones is going to be spending alot of time with you!

Here are a few small mp3 soundsamples for you to enjoy. (1)is from the title track "Just Us" ; (2)is from the flamenco tune "Pierpaolo"; (3)is from "Let The Sun Shine In", and, will makeyou think Chet Atkins was reincarnated as Buster B. Jones!


Rating: Excellent

Scale:    Fair


            Very Good