CD Review

Dale Miller, "AzzuroVerdi- Arias for Solo Blues Guitar", Dale Miller Productions, Berkeley, CA

Elegantly understated & tastefully restrained,"Azzuro Verdi-Arias for Solo Blues Guitar" has Berkeley,CA based guitarist Dale Miller effortlessly gliding through worksby composers such as Verdi, Puccini, Bizet, Dvorak, Donezettiand Mozart. Dale's technique is such that he can take his listenerswith him when he plays, instead of running them over with fast,"let's see how many notes we can cram into this measure"playing.

Whether sliding along on his reso creatinga unique juxtaposition of sounds that these composers never envisionedor finger-picking his steel-string, Dale treats the guitar asthe beautifully touch-sensitive instrument that it was designedto be. He makes these great composers accessible in a way previouslyunkown to the vast majority of guitarists.

Time and money are precious commodities.I would ask that you seriously consider spending a little of eachand listen to this CD. It is an absolutely perfect CD with whichto unwind and celebrate timeless music.

Rating: Excellent

Scale:    Fair


            Very Good