CD Review- May 10, 2002

"...butbeautiful", Jim Mullen/Helmut Nieberle Sextet, Bobtale Records,Augsberg, Germany

If it is true that great things come in smallpackages, then it must also be true that some of the best musicoften comes from small labels. Bobtale Records is a small jazzlabel from Abensberg, Germany & is owned by Bob Rückerl,a versatile musician who is as comfortable playing guitar as heis playing he battery of horns, &, Helmut Nieberle, one ofthe best jazz guitarists from Europe.

From the opening track, Helmut Nieberle's original"For, One & All, the superb jazz guitars of Jim Mullen& Helmut Nieberle, the fluid saxophone of Bob Rückerl,the tasteful bass lines of Christian Diener & the elegantdrumming of Michael "Scotty" Gottwald take the listeneron an unforgettable jazz journey. The soulful vocals of CharlieMiener are the perfect vehicle to accompany these extremely talentedmusicians.

The JM/HN Sextet are an extremely tight, guitar-frontedjazz band with highly original compositions & highly originalinterpretations of everything from Billie Holiday's "ForHeaven's Sake" to the Russian folk song "Katusha".This is one CD whose title does justice to the music because themusic is "...but beautiful"!!!


Rating: Excellent

Scale:    Fair


            Very Good