CD Reviews- April24, 2002

Marc Silber, "Test Tracks 1",Marc Silber Music, Berkeley, CA

Every now & then, if you are lucky, youmeet a musician who is completely dedicated to his craft. MarcSilber is just such a singer-songwriter, or more appropriately,a song-maker, who plays many blues styles. Marc plays "OldStyle Blues" like the original "Bluesmen", suchas Leadbelly, Reverend Gary Davis, Mance Lipscomb, K.C. Douglas,Son House, Bukka White, &, from the Bahamas, Joseph Spence.Marc had one of the first vintage guitar stores in the US, inGreenwich Village in the early 1960's. As these great "Bluesmen"would venture "up North", they would stop to play, visit& hang out at Marc's shop. The result of this "musicaleducation" is that Marc is able to keep their memories &styles alive with an authenticity that must be heard to be believed.If you are a fan of "Old Style Blues", I have 2 wordsfor this 15-song homemade CD: BUY IT!!! It is withouta doubt the most genuine, sincere & heartfelt CD I have heardin quite some time; it is truly a rare CD that deserves to betreasured.

Here is a track from the CD called "99Year Blues". Enjoy!

Renonwed musician & fiddle player extraordinareSuzy Thompson wrotethe CD liner notes below.


Pioneering guitarist Artie Traum 's lavishedpraise on Marc's CD.

Rating: Excellent

Scale:    Fair


            Very Good