CD Review

Tom Smith, "Little Dog", Lone Oak Music,Nashville, TN

Tom Smith is a guitarist for the 21st century.His driving, fingerstyle guitar breaks new ground in the fingerstyle-guitargenre. This CD was particularly enjoyable to review because Tomis a genuinely original guitarist. This review was particularlydifficult to write because, as a completely original guitarist,he can't really be compared with anyone else. It is also worthmentioning that the guitar parts of this CD were performed ona guitar Tom built.

In addition to being a unique fingerstylist,Tom's banjo playing will make fans out of those who are not fansof the banjo!

Nancy Apple, an extremelytalented singer-songwriter from Memphis, said:

"To say that Tom Smith sounds like MichaelHedges, Philip Jaynes or William Lee Ellis is a hollow comparison.Smith's musical pictures flow beyond the frame of his guitar &banjo mastery. A truly gifted musician, Smith crafts mesmerizing,energizing & soulful instrumentals. Imbedded with a bluesvibe, his songs seem to derive from classical fingerpicking. Smith'sunique stylistic juxtapositions demand to be heard."

Take it from Nancy & me; this CD will redefinefingerpicking for a long time to come!

Even if Nancy's word & my word aren't enoughto convince you that this Tom's CD's are worth buying, Tuck Andres(yes, that Tuck Andres), said "so many people play acousticguitar that it is practically impossible to have an individualstyle. Yet, I always know Tom Smith's unique playing within thefirst few seconds of hearing him play guitar or banjo. His compositionsare wonderful & uniquely his".

Here are a 2 sound samples from "LittleDog" & 1 from his previous CD, "Musical Pictures".Enjoy! Track 1 is from the title track "LittleDog", about which Tom asks "Ever watched a littledog? Seems they have to move alot to get from here to there, andfaster too. It's impressive. It seems all they really have tolearn is that there is nothing to prove".Track 2 is a banjotune called "Bubblehead"& is "For another friend, not very long on business skillsor 'learned in school', but full of life". Track 3 is from"TheWind In My Mountains" & the "Musical Picture"that it paints speaks for itself.

Rating: Excellent

Scale:    Fair


            Very Good