CD Reviews- May10, 2002

The Waybacks, "Burger AfterChurch", San Francisco, CA

There are musicians & then there are MUSICIANS!The Waybacks are one of the most talented, entertaining &enjoyable quintets that you will ever see or hear. If you haven'theard them yet, their website has several mp3's from their debutCD "Devolver", which will corroborate my high praisefor the band.

Rooted in bluegrass, with patches of blues,jazz & Celtic music, "Burger After Church", thesuperb follow-up to "Devolver", is another tour-de-forcefor The Waybacks. The interplay of James Nash's flatpickin', StevieCoyle's fingerstylin' & Wayne Jacques fiddle & mandolinare some of the finest string-work that you will ever hear. BassistJoe Kyle, Jr. & drummer Chuck Hamilton wrap the string-workin a nice, tight package.

From the traditional Floyd Cramer tune "TheLast Date", to a great rendition of Blind Blake's "PoliceDog Blues" & the Celtic song "The Return",not too mention the 7 eclectically played instrumentals, The Waybacksoffer musical experiences not to be missed. Even if you are nothungry & even if you are a vegetarian, I strongly recommendpicking up a "Burger After Church"!!!




Rating: Excellent

Scale:    Fair


            Very Good