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JohnWynn,"Feels Like Home, Lone Prarie Records, US

Poetry,pure and simple.The guitar playing on this CD is sheer poetry. The music flowssoftly, gently and sweetly; even the flamenco piece! Delicateand sensitive guitar playing are showcased on this beautiful CDby John Wynn. You can almost hear the emotion John puts into eachsong.

Brilliant musicianship makesthis one of the most enjoyable, sensitive and poetic CD's thatI have heard. You don't have to be a guitar fan to appreciatethis CD, and, if you are a guitar fan at all, you will love John'ssteel-string fingerstyle playing-guaranteed! This CD will be leftin my player for a LONG time.

Here are a few small mp3 soundsamples for you to enjoy. (1)is from the title track "Feels Like Home" (2)is from "Walking With Michael", on the CD, and, (3)is from a duet with DougSmith of an old Fleetwood Mac tune (not on CD).


Rating: Excellent

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