Guitar Review

Rob Girdis' Parlour Guitar- by JimiBeeler & NormanL. Beberman

Top: SitkaSpruce

Back & Sides:Indian Rosewood

Details: Koa& ebony rosette

When we first laid eyes on Rob's ParlourGuitar, Jimi & I looked at each other, &, at the sametime, exclaimed "What a beautiful parlour guitar!" Wayback when, there was a time when life was much simpler. Guitarbodies were generally smaller than today & guitars were playedin the parlour for & with friends & family.

A market for larger bodies developed inthe 30's & 40's that led to the development of the large bodyDreadnaughts. Today, amplification makes it unnecessary to havea larger body to obtain more volume.

As guitarists have become more discriminating,they have brought about a resurgence in the popularity of smallerbodied guitars, where, as a general proposition, the tone is morebalanced. These smaller guitars frequently fit the bodies &hands of many people better than dreadnaughts & jumbos,

It is against that backdrop that we werefortunate to get our hands on Rob's Parlour Guitar. We are pleasedto report that this is one SUPER Parlour Guitar!

True to form, this sound is nice acrossthe spectrum, with balanced lows, mids & highs. Its' balancedsound is unexpectedly huge with great projection.

We really loved this small guitar with its'big sound. Nice & light, very responsive & perfectly balancedare just some of the adjectives that describe this beautifullymade parlour guitar guitar. If smaller bodied guitars are yourcup of tea, Robs' parlour guitar is calling your name!

Builder: RobGirdis, 8745 Evanston Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98103 E-mail:

Reviewed guitar is on the left. Guitar onthe right is its' mahogany brother.