Guitar Reviews- New & Pre-Owned

There have been so many talented luthiers building guitars, that it is now possible to buy a pre-owned handmade guitar for the fraction of the price of a new one. Accordingly, is launching a section dedicated to reviewing pre-owned handmade guitars. Click here for pre-owned reviews.

Steel String Guitars

Ed Foley's Deep-Body OM

Paul McGill's 12-fret MKS

Frederich Holtier's 12-fret 00

Dave Bertoncini's "Aspen"

Kathy Wingert's Grand Auditorium "Model F"

Kathy Wingert's 14-fret Dreadnaught

Harvey Leach's "Cremona"

Bruce Sexauer's 12-fret 00 Cutaway

Eric Schoenberg's 12-fret 000 Cutaway

Rob Girdis' Parlor Guitar

Doug Foster's Beta Centauri

Classical Guitars

Paul McGill's "Super Ace"

Les Stansell's "Port Orford"

Flamenco Guitars

Stuart Mewburn's "Snoburn" Flamenco Guitar

Frederich Holtier's Flamenco Guitar

Archtop Guitars

Michael Lewis' "Wingfeather"

Electric Guitars

Alex Csiky's "Zachary Z2"