Ron Cabrera's " Tonewood GuitarStands"

Guitar stands have always been a bit of anafterthought. Most are metal & a few are wood. None were madewith the same care & woods are your guitar --UNTIL NOW!

Ron Cabrera, from Mission Hills, CA recentlysent one of his Tonewood Guitar Stands for review. He sent thestand in the photo, which is maple with cocobolo trim.

After using it for 2 weeks, I really don'twant to give it back. The craftsmanship, build quality & woodsare first rate. The headstock cradle held my guitar firmly &softly, leaving no marks. There is also a padded area (not shown)resembling a picture frame with a soft padding to protect theback of your guitar.

The overall design is very well thought out.The angles of the triangular base ensure stability; I found itall but impossible to knock over! What I really liked about Ron's"Tonewood Guitar Stand" was its' functional-artisticdesign. It lends the appearance of a sculpture wherever it isplaced.

Needless to say, Ron's guitar stands do nothave the same "reason for being" as inexpensive metalstands, just as Toyotas do not have the same "reason forbeing" as Bentleys. Ron's stands have aesthetic qualitiesseparate & apart from their function.

For guitarists who have really nice guitars& who have an appreciation for fine wood & hand-craftsmanship,Ron's stands are the ultimate. They have a classic, subtle appearancethat will showcase your guitar in a way that must be seen to bebelieved.

Probably the best thing about these standsis their affordability. Prices start at $100 & go up fromthere. Needless to say, each one of Ron's stands is a unique creation;standing out from the crowd will never be as cheap as followingthe crowd.

The true test of a product being reviewed iswhether the reviewer would spend his/her own money on the productbeing reviewed. All I can say is that I am glad Ron takes checksbecause I can't wait to see my Engleman & Brazilian FoleyDread hanging in its' Brazilian stand with abalone inlay!

Builder : Ron Cabrera, Mission Hills, CA. Tel:818.365.5534 E-mail:

Maple Stand with Mahogany Inlay

Cocobolo Stand with Flamed Maple Inlay