Guitar Review

Harvey Leach's "Cremona"- reviewby Jimi Beeler &NormanL. Beberman

Top: Giant Sequoia

Back, Sides & Neck: Walnut

Details: 14K gold dragon inlay on headstock withdiamond eyes.

Wood lovers of the world, have I got a guitar for you! HarveyLeach has selected a stunning piece of Giant Sequoia for Cremona'stop that is nothing less than drop dead gorgeous. The walnut back,sides & neck are a study in understated elegance. Joinery& finish work are examples of the pride Harvey takes in hisguitars.

"But guys, what does it sound like? " you say.Well, we thought you would never ask!

Cremona sounds HUGE with a sound much bigger than its' bodysize. The oversized soundhole works to perfection! We really likedthe sparkling highs on the top 3 strings combined with the rich,cutting bass. As if that wasn't enough, there is true separationbetwen the top 3 & bottom 3 strings. Strumming, flatpicking,fingerpicking or thumbpicking, of which players using Harvey'sguitars have won several championships, this guitar sounds everybit as good as it looks!

Like the stunningly beautiful super-model that is a gourmetchef, Harvey's "Cremona" is a great candidate for along-term relationship!

Builder: Harvey Leach, PO Box 1315, Cedar Ridge,CA 95924. Tel 530.477.2938 E-mail: