Guitar Review

Paul McGill's "Super Ace",reviewed by Norman L. Beberman& David Oakes

Top: SitkaSpruce

Back & Sides: Maple

Details: RMCsaddle pickup system with built-in pre-amp; ebony machine heads


Paul's "Super Ace" is nothingless than the future of nylon-string guitars!!!

The "Super Ace" could not be moredifferent from traditional "Torres-style" guitars. Ithas a small, thin body ( 3 1/2 inches at its deepest) , electronicamplification, an "extreme" cutaway, smaller than "standardclassical neck" ( 1 7/8ths at the nut) & creative neckset into the body giving the player ready access to 24-frets &2 full octaves, not to mention Paul's structural reinforcementsystem nick-named "Turbo" (Patent Pending).

As for the quality of Paul's guitar; thereis a reason that so many notable guitarists- from Chet Atkinsto Muriel Anderson, Earl Klugh to Peter White- have recorded orperformed using one of Paul's Classical, Resonator or Super AcousticCE (Super Ace) guitars. The sound of Paul's "Super Ace"is very focused in that it comes out of the soundhole with a lotof punch. It projects very nicely, but what really struck me washow "rich" the sound was. Not unlike playing a SteinwayGrand or a nice Boesendoerfer piano, the sound was that full.This is one excellent recording guitar!

Paul is also building these guitars in steel-stringversions, but the nylon-string guitars pictured & reviewedhere reminded me of a glass of excellentwine that lets you taste each individual flavor that contributesto the overall complexity of its' taste. You can really hear the"inner voices" with this guitar.

To say that "Super Ace" is versatileis an exercise in understatement. Through sheer design & engineeringbrilliance, the interaction between the traditionally thinnerclassical guitar top, the electronics, the soundbox & thenovel "turbo" structure, Paul has created a nylon-stringguitar that plays bluegrass & jazz as easily as it plays classical& flamenco. Regardless of the style of music, "SuperAce" always responded with a sound that was beautifully complementaryof the particular style played & sounded GREAT doing so!

Plugged or unplugged, the sound was pure,crystal-clear, powerful & very warm. Its' subtleties weresimply stunning. If you get a chance to catch performances byPeter White, Marc Antoine, or Kirk Whalem's guitarist MichaelRipoll, you can hear for yourself what this instrument does onstage.

For those who are open-minded & readyto take a giant leap (not step, but LEAP) forward, we recommendPaul's "Super Ace" very highly!

Builder: PaulMcGill, 808 Kendall, Nashville, TN 37209 Phone: 615.354.0070