Guitar Review

Eric Schoenberg's 12-fret OOO Cutaway- reviewed by Jimi Beeler& Norman L. Beberman

Top: Italian Spruce

Back & Sides:Australian Blackwood

Just as Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars,& Ferdinand Porsche designed their sports & racing carsemphasizing lightness so as to increase responsiveness, this lightlybuilt, structurally sound (pun intended) guitar has a big opensound that belies its' OOO size. It is VERY responsive & cangrowl nicely when called upon.

Eric is one of the best ragtime fingerstyliststhat one is likely to hear. Accordingly, he has built this guitarwith good highs, excellent mids & clear bass. It is a fingerstylistdream & is comparable to the best of the vintage OM's. Thisis by design & not by accident, as Eric is also a leadingauthority on vintage OM's.

The finish is elegant in its' simplicity. Itis done in the old-style; hand-rubbed violin varnish. This guitaris a delight to the seasoned guitarist & amateur alike.

Builder: Eric Schoenberg, 106 Main St., Tiburon, CA 94920  Tel:415.789.0846  E-mail: