Guitar Review

Bruce Sexauer's OO 12-fret cutaway- reviewedby Jimi Beeler & Norman L. Beberman

Top: AdirondackSpruce

Back & Sides: IndianRosewood

Details: EbonyCutaway

From his small workshop in Petaluma, CA, Brucecrafts some amazing guitars. As a talented guitarist & violinist,Bruce has a vast amount of knowledge on which to draw for hisguitars.

This knowledge is demonstrated in his OO 12-fretcutaway. It has a full-bodied sound, especially for its' bodysize, with the clear bass & subtle mid presence that fingerpickersadore. These same finger-pickers will appreciate its' Django-likebass & highs, which are clear & sparkling.

This guitar has an overall sound that is delicate,light & airy. There is plenty of volume with no notes beingoverpowered. Anyone in the market for a finger-style guitar wouldbe well served by playing Bruce's 00 12-fret cutaway.

Builder: BruceSexauer, Petaluma, CA  Tel: 707.782.1044  E-mail: