Gear Review

"SharkTooth" Thumbpick

Occassionally during my 30-something yearsof playing with a flatpick, I have tried playing fingerstyle guitarusing one of the old, traditional, hard, molded-plastic thumbpicksbecause they were the only thumbpicks available. They never seemedto fit properly, feel comfortable or provide the angle of attackthat I wanted.

That is history now, thanks to the "SharkTooth".Designed by a fine fingerstyle guitarist, Greg Atkin, the "SharkTooth"is brilliant in concept, design & execution!

Greg has re-engineered the traditional hard-molded,plastic thumbpick by incorporating a soft-rubber (neoprene) sleevewith a slot through which a flatpick protrudes. The flexible soft-rubbersleeve is held comfortably & firmly in place around the thumbby a small piece of velcro.

The result is a thumbpick that is unbelievablycomfortable, easy to use, fits all thumbs & can be held inplace to allow any angle of attack on the strings.

After using one for almost a month now, I canhonestly say that the "SharkTooth" is a must-have forfingerstyle players of all levels. It is nothing less than thefunctional equivalent of a thumbpick custom-made for every guitarist.Pick one up, slip it on & watch your fingerstyle playing improveimmediately- mine did!

Mfr: Atkin/Jones Inc., 1815 E. Wilshire Ave,#909, Santa Ana, CA. Tel: 714.953.4351 E-mail: site: