Guitar Review

Les Stansell's Classical Guitar- reviewedby Jimi Beeler &Norman L. Beberman

Top: PortOrford White Cedar

Back & Sides:Oregon myrtlewood

Neck: Honduranmahogany

Details: Myrtlerosette & ebony binding

Like the consummate professional who specializes in onearea in order to keep his skills at an optimum level, Les Stansellbuilds only Spanish/Classic guitars with modified Torres bracing.What sets Les' guitars apart, besides the way the look, play &sound, is his use of woods indigenous to his location in Oregon.

Even before we started playing Les' guitar, we were captivatedby the "smoky" look of the woods & the exquisitevariations in the woods colors. The tremendous amount of timespent hand-rubbing the French polish to its' high-gloss finishare evident.

That Classical guitars are VERY touch sensitive goes withoutsaying. However, Les' guitar stands out with its fingerstyle &traditional, classical capabilities. Very sensitive in every way,yet loud.

With its' deep bass & real present highs & mids,&, with its' open projections, Les' guitar cuts tonally &with great separation. This guitar is everything someone couldwant in a classical guitar & then some. Les is among the bestof the current, extremely talented, American classical guitarbuilders. If you haven't heard of him, don't worry- you will &we will wager that it will be sooner rather than later!

Builder: Les Stansell, PO Box 6056, Pistol River,OR 97444. Tel 541.247.9121 E-mail: